• June 5, 2017
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What is the next step after a bathroom/kitchen remodel? Maintaining the quality of the remodel should be your main concern. BullRun Kitchen and Bath presents some of the ways in which you can ensure the longevity of the remodel.

Find out about maintenance needs

Some of the new features in your remodeled bathroom/kitchen may require extra maintenance. Talk to your contractor about the installations that need additional maintenance.

One common feature that will require extra maintenance is natural materials. Newly installed wooden shower benches or marble floors require more care. You will need to seal them occasionally to maintain their new look. The sealant will also ensure that they do not develop patinas.

New plumbing fixtures will also require regular maintenance. For instance, you will need to clean newly installed showerheads routinely. This will help prevent buildup that can seriously interfere with the flow of water from the showerhead.

If the contractor has installed wood flooring, then protect it. You can do this by placing the vanity and other furniture on coasters or felt pads. These protective mechanisms will help eliminate the screeching noise furniture makes when being dragged across the floor.

It is important to note that the felt pads cannot last forever. Thus, you will be required to check up on their state constantly. If they are in bad shape then you need to replace them immediately.

Register all warranty items

Ensure that all the new appliances have their warranties. In addition, ensure that these warranties are registered. It may seem a big hassle now, but this advice is essential in the future. One of these appliances could develop a technical issue. If you did not register its warranty, you will have to pay for fixing it. Ignoring to register the warranty may end up being a costly mistake.

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