If you are planning to remodel your kitchen in the future, you should definitely consider installing two sinks. A double sink formation can significantly enhance your kitchen’s workflow. In addition, the setup makes working in the kitchen as every tool is within its designated boundaries. BullRun Kitchen and Bath is here to assist you with some tips on how to incorporate dual sinks into your kitchen when remodeling.

  1. Your main priority should be the prep sink

As you plan the kitchen layout, it is important to make situating the prep sink your number one priority. This is because this is where you will spend most of the time prepping and cutting food. Thus, it needs to be ideally located at the best spot in the kitchen.

One of the best places to locate the sink would be on the kitchen island if you have one. This arrangement will work well if you plan to have your guests sit in the kitchen while you prepare meals. You can be able to talk to them directly as you prep the meal. Alternatively, you can place it facing the window if you have a beautiful view outside.

The dishwashing sink is of lesser importance here because you spend less time washing dishes than you do prepping food. In addition, most people clean their dishes after dinner, so there really is no need for the perfect view.

  1. Find the ideal size of the sink

The best prep sink comes with a garbage disposal, and is large enough to fit your biggest colander or utensil. However, it should also be small enough not to interfere with crucial counter space. The prep sink is mainly for prepping food, but it should be large enough to act as an alternative cleanup sink when the need arises, such as when there is a large social gathering in your home

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