One of the best bathroom investments you can make is installing a luxurious bathtub. You can choose your unique bathtub from several materials. Bullrun Kitchen and Bath has identified some of the best materials in the market to help you choose the one that best suits your tastes.

  1. Wooden bathtubs

It is rare to find bathtubs made entirely from wood, but there is nothing as inviting as a wooden tub. Majority of the wooden tubs available in the market come from walnut trees. The manufacturers then buff them to give them a glossy look.

  1. Copper bathtubs

Copper is another material that people use in the making of a bathtub. Copper bathtubs have a vintage aura about them, which enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. In addition, the copper is a nice touch if you are trying to add some warmth in the bathroom.

  1. Gold leaf bathtubs

If the copper and wood materials do not reflect your social status then go for the gold leaf bathtub. Such bathtubs are for the glamorous types, as these bathtubs exude nothing less than luxury. Most of these gorgeous bathtubs are double-ended and the exterior is hand decorated with gold leaf. The manufacturers then apply several protective layers of lacquer to the exterior to protect the gold leaf material, as well as give it a glossy shine.

  1. Granite bathtubs

Many people see granite as too heavy a material for a bathtub, but the result is nothing short of breathtaking. Usually, the makers of these beautifully designed bathtubs polish the inside surfaces. They then use a hand chisel on the exterior of the tub. Thus, the inside is so soft that you would not realize that it is granite. At the same time, the exterior has the familiar granite feel.

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