Cleaning the bathroom is not usually the easiest maintenance task in the house, as nearly every homeowner can confess. Cleaning the bathroom is a task that you will be doing on a daily basis for a long time to come. Thus, when you are remodeling your bathroom, you also have to put into consideration the ease of cleaning, and make it a top priority. BullRun Kitchen and Bath has a few tips on how you can design an easy to clean bathroom.

  1. Avoid grout

If you want an easy to clean bathroom for the rest of the time that you will stay in that house, then you need to avoid grout at all costs. Grout lines usually accumulate a lot of dirt, and scrubbing them is tedious and time consuming. In most instances, you may not even be able to remove all the dirt from the grout lines. Instead of choosing tiles for the floor, go with a solid surface choice, and save yourself some hard work.

If you must go with tiles that have grout lines, then go for large-format tiles to minimize the number of grout lines that you will be scrubbing on a regular basis. You can also go for stone slabs because they have very thin and very few seam lines, also minimizing your workload.

2.Refrain from using glass

Glass is trouble in the bathroom owing to its high maintenance needs. If you do not clean the glass regularly, it will become an eye sore, and make the bathroom look less appealing. You can avoid using glass in the bathroom by using other materials to act as a shower door, or eliminating the need for a shower door altogether. You can achieve this by creating a wet zone around the corner of the bathroom.


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