bathroom remodeling

You should be having a functioning knowledge of what to expect before starting a bathroom remodeling. This include the things you consider that will make a difference at the end. Similar to the Steps to Follow during Your Kitchen Remodeling, Bullrun granite and design proposes the following tips to help your in coming up with your dream bathroom ideas.

Understand Your Standard Bathroom Dimensions

To get a good remodel, you should know some few key measurements of your bathroom, like your bathtub size, how much space you need for a toilet, and your desired countertop size to help you in planning your bathroom remodeling more efficiently.

Ranging Your Remodeling Cost

Before starting on your bathroom remodeling, determine how much money you are willing to spend. Your bathroom size, quality materials you will use, and if planning to do some of the labor yourself, are some of the determining factors.

Hide Your Toilet

Since sometimes you can forget and leave your bathroom doors open, hiding the toilet will prevent you or your guests walking by, from seeing it. Visible toilets also reduce the salability of homes and most new homeowners prefer hidden ones. So to give your home a spa-like feel, avoid putting your toile in the front or center in your design to maintain your mood as you transition into the room.


If your bathroom had some vintage finishes, leaving them that way can be a good idea, as they can be difficult to replace considering some may have a number of concrete coats or were fitted with a wire lath. Doing this increase the remodeling labor cost. Vintage finishes gives your bathroom a cool finish at the end.

 Splurge In Some Few High-End Materials

You can make your space look luxurious by splurging in some higher-end finishes and materials. Check on the wall and floor covering materials or your countertop, you can find that adding a few high end of this materials can be within your budget range.

Transition between Remodeling Materials

Pay much attention on how your walls will meet the flooring. If you are going to use tiles for your bathroom flooring only and another different material for the hallway. Transitioning between these materials can be difficult. Forward planning will allow you to mitigate on possible solution that meet your expectations.


As a bathroom is the only room that you can spend some alone time, giving it a proper lighting will improve its utility. There is a variety of lighting to your bathroom atmosphere depending on the task, accent, decorative and or sparkle. Ensure that for each lighting you use different switches.


Put into consideration how you will position your bathroom sink to determine if you will add or reduce the countertops height. If you consider having an above-counter sink, your counter top will be a little lower to enable you wash your hand or brush your teeth comfortably.

Moreover, if your bathroom is tight on space, consider to use a corner sink. This will help improve the traffic-flow problems by freeing up more space.

Tub or Shower

If you do not take baths regularly, reverse your bathtub for a shower. A bathtub consumes much space, thus converting them will be cost effective, as you will save on space and the avoidance of rerouting of plumping materials.

Bathroom Aeration

Have a multifaceted approach to ensure that your remodeled bathroom has reduced mold and mildew growth. A fan that will vent to the outside of the house through the side and not into an attic or a window that can open and close will come in handy bathroom remodeling.



Choose a good vanity to add glamor to your bathroom. Ensure you have the right size to avoid messing up your bathroom traffic routes.

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