Steps to Remodelling Your Shower Stall

Once you decide that your shower stall needs a remodeling, it is necessary to understand the need first, whether the whole system needs a complete replacement or whether the existing structure just needs a change.  If it is just a small change then you save time, money and effort.   There are multiple options and choices available once you have narrowed down on what your shower stall actually needs.

Shower Stall is the basis of a wonderful bathroom experience, its design, wall-shower base combination and other key points need to be considered before you go on with your changing or renovating idea.  Here below are some key steps that may help you in the remodelling process

Evaluate the condition

It is very important that you determine the need to remove the old shower stall or not.   Always evaluate its condition, the walls, structure, leakage if any, rusting or crumbling at the base or pan and then decide on the renovating job.  You can use acrylic walls or solid surface surrounds in case where the base is in good condition to cater to the existing wall tile.


Needs and Accessories

Always make sure you design your shower stall keeping the future in mind, whether you need a shower seat, shampoo niche, grab bar and other accessories to improve your shower experience.


Size of shower base

 The shower pan or the base comes in standard sizes.  The common sizes are usually cost effective and form the foundation of your bathroom.  Standard sizes are available in materials like fiberglass, acrylic and solid surface.  If you need a larger size you need to better order for it.


Wall surrounds for plumbing

While choosing the interior like wall surround you have to always keep the style, grace, value and durability in mind.    If you are considering remodelling of the structure wherein the walls real strong and intact, then acrylic walls is what you need to try, they are cost effective and give you a tile finish.  However, fiberglass walls are the cheapest of all but lack stability.


Work on the walls

 Depending on the position of the shower in the bathroom, you need to decide on the design.  For instance, if the shower is in the corner you can always look for a rectangular design wall.  However, you can also avoid door and consider different designed walls like straight glass walls unframed, straight walls frames, straight tiled wall, rounded block shower wall, bent glass walls etc.


 Choose a door.

People these days go for door less showers, it is the trend of the day.  However, if the shower is in angled or square corner it is difficult to go door less.



It is always better to have a clear frame of idea about what you want your bathroom and your shower area to look like when you decide to renovate it.  Even if you are hiring a professional to design and assist you in the process of remodelling, one needs to understand that he is just doing his job, but you are the one who is going to really experience the difference once the work is done.  Hence, be clear and vibrant about your thoughts and ideas well in advance.


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