Organizing Kitchen Cabinets


Keeping your cabinets organized is just as important to having a lot of storage in your kitchen as it is to create extra storage spaces. Proper organization can cut the amount of storage you need in half if you do it correctly. There are products you can buy that will optimize your kitchen storage as well as methods you can use and DIY products you can make. The things you can do to create organization in your cabinets ranges from putting things together as well as pulling them apart.


A common method of organizing kitchen cabinets would be to implement extra shelves. There are many scenarios where kitchen cabinets do not use all of the space that they take up. It may be a four foot cabinet with one shelf. It is not easy to stack things two feet high without risking having the items topple over. An easy fix to this would be to buy shelves that can be screwed into place within your cabinet. This will allow you to use all of that extra space that was not being used before as well as create greater and cleaner organization of items within your cabinet.


It is very important to keep similar things together. If you have the aluminum foil with the scissors and the utensils, you may struggle to find things you are looking for. There are pocket organizers you can purchase that will hang on the inside of cabinet doors. You can easily put this on a bunch of cabinet doors and put similar items in the pockets. This saves room on the actual cabinet shelves as well as keeping items together.


A commonly used DIY project you can do to further organize your kitchen could be to mount shelves in corners of the kitchen. A few pieces of wood and some internet tutorials can help you create corner shelves very easily. These shelves can be used for cups and dishes for easy access out in the open. You will never have to tell a guest which cabinet has the cups ever again.


Sometimes, it is best to throw away the box of the foods you buy and just keep the insides. You must keep the food fresh though. Fortunately, some food are individually wrapped, particularly snacks, and can easily be thrown in one common container. For things that are not individually wrapped, the food must be kept fresh somehow. In the case of cereal, you can get one container that can hold multiple cereals. Now instead of having five or six cereal boxes, you have one container.


It is important to stay organized and keep up with it. Make sure similar items are kept together and different items are separated. There are a bunch of different ways to make the best use of your storage space to store all the things you need, even in the smallest of kitchens.

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