Eco Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Tips

The bathroom of a home is a sanctuary. Much like the master bedroom, bathrooms can provide relief, comfort and relaxation. What better way to celebrate freedom and relaxation than to give back to mother Earth? Take a gander at the eco remodeling tips we’ve curated below.


  1. Tackle the toilets


Did you know that 30% of your water is taken up by the toilet? This is because of the flushing mechanism being overworked. Fix this by replacing your old toilet with WaterSense toilets. These are specifically labeled as such and can help save billions more gallons of water per day.


Dual-flush toilets are for those who are SUPER into conserving energy and water. To be more specific, one flush button is specifically for non-solidified waste, where as the second button is for more voluminous toilet visits. This can help save a ton of water and leaves a better footprint on the world.


  1. Fix your faucets


It’s more than that pesky little leak you’ve been meaning to take care of. If everyone in the country switched to an eco-friendly EPA approved faucet, more than $325 million could be saved per day. Do that math: that’s a lot! Be one of the better and look into eco-friendly faucets.


  1. Refinish, not replace


This applies to showers and tubs. Refinishing instead of replacing allows your kitchen items to not end up in a landfill forever. You can even buy reclaimed items if you’re going for a specific look in your home. Many people love claw foot tubs and buy them to repurpose them or buy them already reclaimed. Replacing your showerhead with a more energy efficient showerhead can also save money without throwing your tub in a landfill.


  1. Take care of those crazy cabinets


Many materials used in older homes or remodels contain VOCs. This stands for volatile organic compounds. This stems from particleboard and related materials. Bamboo wood cabinets and related wood types often feature these compounds and aren’t healthy or eco-friendly. While this won’t save you money over time, it will help from ending up in a landfill in the future projecting toxic compounds.


  1. Salvaged countertops


Instead of buying an expensive and new countertop that hadn’t been recycled, try a salvaged countertop. Many remodeling places offer salvaged countertops at a cheaper rate. If you’re someone who remodels a lot and goes to the same local company, you can build a great relationship with them for better deals.


  1. Last but not least, lighting!


Lighting is an important part of your bathroom. You will never not use the light when using the bathroom, so buying energy efficient LED lights will help you cut down on your energy bill. You can even find Energy Star certified light bulbs for all types of elegant lighting rigs.


In conclusion


It seems like a lot to take in, but you can start saving instantly when remodeling your bathroom for an eco-friendly lifestyle. Not only will you be helping out the environment, but also your bills can be slashed within a month! It’s a win-win situation.

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