Minimize Your Cost for Granite Countertops


Minimize Your Cost for Granite Countertops


Are you planning to do some updating for your kitchen? Maybe, you want a new look for your kitchen countertops? In any case, granite countertops can serve as a good option for your kitchen remodeling project.

It is true that this countertop material is expensive. However, there is still a way for you to minimize the cost expected for the project. No, you do not have to sacrifice the quality over the cost. It does not involve that. You may also consider finding coupons or keeping an eye on the possible sale offers in the area. But, there’s more you can do than just this.


The key to keeping down the cost for granite countertops is by doing the preliminary work yourself. Leave the countertop fabrication and installation to the professionals. Then, do the rest of the necessary work.

You can be able to save more from the cost of granite countertops if you are a handy type of person. Do you know how to install a cabinet? If yes, you no longer need professionals in doing the prep work for you. The only thing to keep in mind is a quality work.

Materials to Use for the Prep Work

There are several items you need to prepare for the prep work. These items are a screwdriver, pry bar, utility knife, putty knife, safety glasses, pliers and wrenches.

What You Need To Do:

Start the prep work by removing the faucet and sink first.  Make sure to disable the water supply first at the valves located underneath. Once done, begin disconnecting the lines for the water supply lines from the valves. Take out the drain lines as well. It is likely that there is still some water left the in the P-trap. So, be sure to prepare for a bucket.

Loosen those clamps that are holding the sink. You can find these clams underneath it. Make sure to get all the clamps loosened.

Using the putty knife, start cutting through the present caulk seal located between the countertop and sink. Then, you can start pulling the sink out.

Remove and disconnect the appliances that are placed on the kitchen countertops.

Remove all screws that are holding the kitchen countertop underneath it.

Slowly lift the kitchen countertop from the base cabinets using the pry bar.

Once the old countertops are removed, you can now call the installation team to get the measurement of the new countertop for fabrication. Most of the installation teams are creating a wooden template that they use in making the new countertop.

This template is brought to their shop for it to be be marked for the cutting. And, cutting is done by using a diamond-bladed bridge saw. Once done, the edge treatment is then carved in the stone followed by polishing the granite.

After these steps are done, the finished countertop will be brought to your place for installation. The installation is completed by applying colored fillers and silicone sealants. This is how the process of granite countertops installation goes. That’s also what you need to do for the prep work to minimize the cost of the project.


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