How to Clean Your Kitchen Countertops


How to Clean Your Kitchen Countertops


Cleaning kitchen countertops seems like an easy task to do. Until you forget about doing it. Then, you’ll think, that’s just fine. You can do it later. Then, when it comes time of doing it, you’ll end up doing it at the fastest way. Once done, you smile and say to yourself, “task done!”

But, remember this: the kitchen countertops are the busiest areas in your house. These are the place where dishes are all prepared and organized. Simply said, this surface requires more than just super quick cleaning. It must be cleaned well. Otherwise, you will risk you and your family’s health by not doing the proper cleaning. Now, you realized how important cleaning is with countertops. So, how should you clean the countertops?

Read on the tips below to know how you can keep the countertops not only clean, but also germ-free.

  • Do Some Scanning – Get a Good Look of the Countertops!

If you are constantly using this surface of the kitchen, expect that more items are brought on it. There are times that the items are forgotten to be replaced on their proper storage area. As a result, the space you work on becomes crowded.

Remember that the kitchen requires enough space. And, if this space becomes crowded, the tendency is that you also forget about cleaning the area of the kitchen countertop. That’s why; you need to do some scanning over the countertop. For you to see which items are to be removed, learn more about those things that can be kept there.

Among the things that are on the countertop, which are those that you constantly use when you are in the kitchen? Set those aside and remove the items you do not need frequently.

  • The Cleaning Part

Once you are done scanning and removing the items, you can then start with the cleaning process. But, do not just clean around the items. They should first be removed so you can start cleaning up the countertops entirely. The cleaning should extend to the backsplash.

As for the cleaning products you can use, they depend on the countertop type that is installed. But, if you want to be sure, consult the manufacturer or the countertop fabricator for the best answer. Once the initial part of the cleaning is done, get a clean rag and water to wipe on the kitchen countertops. Dry the surface using a clean towel and make the countertop chemical-free.

  • Clean the Items

The next thing to do is on cleaning the items you intend on keeping on the countertops. These items may include the crockery, mixers, toaster and coffee maker. Don’t forget to clean the bottom part of the items before returning and rearranging them on the countertop.

  • Include Kitchen Countertops Cleaning on Your Schedule

So, you need to decide when you prefer to clean the countertop regularly. Put it on the calendar to serve as your reminder.

  • During the in-Betweens

The scheduled cleanings do not mean that you won’t do any during the in-betweens. You are using this part of the kitchen every day. Clean it and do some wiping after each use.

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