Kitchen Trends For the Future

Kitchen Trends For the Future

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When you remodel your kitchen, you have to think not only about what you want right now, but also how it’s going to look in a few years. After all, this is an expensive project, and, if you decide to sell the house later on, you’ll be glad if you can recover part of the investment. Even if you have no plans to sell, nobody can tell what the future will bring, so it’s wise to plan ahead.

Granite Is Still a Solid Choice

Granite has always been a favorite as countertop material, and it seems to be going strong still. Acrylic materials, no matter how good they look, are still more likely to get scratched or burned, so they don’t make such a sound investment.

Marble is more expensive, and also somewhat flashier – it takes a more high-end type of design to integrate a marble countertop seamlessly. Therefore, granite is here to stay – always a safe choice, good looking and easy to fit into almost any design.

A Thought for Mother Nature

Eco-friendly materials and earthly tones may be fashionable only for a few years, but effective and energy-saving appliances are here to stay. It’s not wise to make a big splurge on appliances – most often than not the cheaper ones are just as good as the top brands, and potential home buyers will most likely want to change a thing or two anyway. However, stay focused on purchasing those that are the most effective and have the lowest consumption rate – if you don’t sell the house, you’ll definitely be happy with your choice once you see the bills coming in.

You Can’t Have Too Much Light

Light is always a problem – and this is not a matter of style or season, kitchens with lots of natural light coming in will always be more attractive than dimly lit spaces. If you can open up more space for windows, go ahead and so. Even if you have a wide range of spot lights and work lights, make sure you still invest in a big central piece, to provide sufficient ambient light for the entire room.

After Light, There’s Color

The age of a fully stainless steel kitchen seems to be firmly in the past (if for no other reason, then at least because people have figured out how difficult it is to keep all those surfaces clean and free of fingerprints). Splashes of color are in this season, and they’ll probably remain fashionable for a few more years. Don’t go overboard – but also don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun. After all, this is something that’s fairly cheap to change, if a potential buyer wants a different color on a cabinet, it’s a simple DIY project for an afternoon.

More Space for Eating

More and more families prefer to eat in the kitchen these days – in fact, more and more people prefer to bring their guests into the kitchen, when entertaining informally, so space around the table has become an issue. If you have a large kitchen, consider organizing it in such a way so as to allow space for all meals, not just breakfast.


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