• May 15, 2018
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Tired of your outdated bathroom? It is time for a perfect bathroom makeover. Get tips from Bullrun kitchen and Bath Company to set off the journey of your home transformation. Isn’t this cool? Remodeling your bathroom will add value and flair to your household. Consequently, there will be improved livability in your house. Bathroom renovation is not a cheap process to undertake. You need to make sure that the cost of the whole operation is forefront in your mind. Plan the budget effectively. The cost of bathroom remodeling varies depending quality of fixtures, location, and other factors. Check them out.

  • Bathroom layout. The type of layout that you choose influences the cost of your bathroom remodeling. If your new layout requires you to do a lot of overhauls, then the price is significantly higher. Such renovations include taking down walls or installing wall components such as dividers. Therefore, selecting simple layout that will adapt well to your current bathroom saves a lot.
  • Cost of labor. Do not overlook the cost of labor when remodeling your bathroom. Do you know that the labor cost is double of that of material cost? Surprisingly it is. Therefore, when planning your bathroom renovation, you should set aside a considerable amount that will cover the cost of labor. Remember, without labor cost, work cannot be done.
  • Material cost. The cost of materials affects the total cost of bathroom remodeling. It includes the cost of new fixtures, new sinks, new toilet, shower, and The bathroom layout will give you a ballpark estimate for your bathroom renovation. This is where you consult a pro designer to get you details that fit your budget and foresight.

Budgeting for your bathroom remodeling can be tricky.  Despite having a plan of what you want, working on how much money to allocate is a puzzle. But do not fear. This is where we come in with a handy guide. We help you estimate the task cost and help you avoid last second expenses for both bathroom and kitchen improvement tips. We also help you adopt strategies to cut the overall cost. Here are some of the tricks.

  • Hire a home inspector. Although it may seem to add cost in the operation, hiring a home inspector is a wise move. He has a close look to the place you are anticipating to renovate. Thereby, he helps you prepare for unpleasant surprise that may be unveiled during a bathroom renovation. Therefore, knowing pitfalls that are lying ahead can help you keep your initial budget to the initial estimate.
  • Be honest about the budget. I know being frank about our finances may be awkward at times. But it is very essential. It is easy to overspend on your bathroom remodeling. It is frustrating. Discuss your financial capability with your professional to avoid instances where you run out finance and the project is still on. Therefore, the designer will help you to budget the whole project eying at your financial basket.
  • Think beyond the price tag. When looking forward to remodeling your bathroom, you look at the fixtures price tag, right? But, do you think of the associated costs that are needed to get the fixtures installed in your bathroom? Indeed, you should. Basing your budget strictly on the market price of the equipment is peril. Think outside the box. You will incur a delivery cost, finishing fees, cutting fees, edging and many others.

It is advisable, to be honest about your financial level when planning your bathroom remodeling. Share this with your contractor. You will be able to avoid extra expenses during the process. Therefore, we help you plan your budget effectively and be assured of the smooth flow of your project.

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