• May 24, 2018
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Bathroom remodeling is a critical process. You cannot just wake one day in the morning and start demolishing your bathroom walls in the name of renovation. You need a plan. Renovating your bathroom is a fun process. However, it can be a miserable experience if you fail to follow the right steps in remodeling. Bullrun kitchen and bath Company advises on few steps that you must undertake to remodel your bathroom. Additionally, we take you through the entire process from designing up to installation. Check out the following bathroom makeover process:

Step 1: Research  

Gather all the ideas and information pertaining what you would like your bathroom to look like. Search on the internet for the best and trending bathroom layouts. Visit home décor stores to check the cost of fixtures and equipment. Select a reliable designer who is experienced to take you through the bathroom remodeling process. Additionally, do a thorough research on the cost of bathroom remodeling and determine the factors influencing the cost of bathroom renovation.

Step 2: Consultation.

Consult the professional designer whom you selected. Let the designer listen to your needs and wants. Consequently, he will carefully view and measure your bathroom space and current layout. Afterward, he will share all possible ideas and tips that will be effective to transform your bathroom into a place of your dreams.

Step 3: Shopping

The contractor lays a variety of options for your selection. Discuss with him the exact thing you need for your bathroom makeover. He will buy all the equipment required for the job and may choose to store them on your behalf. This will save you time. It can also save you cost since the designers are experienced and have the ability to purchase from more reliable suppliers at a lower price.

Step 4: Demolition

Your contractor can now start to remove your old bathroom walls and ceramic tiles. He will proceed to remove your old fixtures and staffs. Additionally, he will handle all the essential repairs and measurements in preparation for installation of new fixtures.

Step 5: installation.

It’s time to begin rebuilding your bathroom. The designer will rework on plumbing system, electrical and replacement of your outdated fixtures with new ones. Install new flooring tiles, towel rods, shower curtains, toilet, fixtures and fittings as planned. The process will be closed by painting the whole room, and there, you have a brand new bathroom.

The painting comes last in the process of bathroom renovation. It gives the whole bathroom a new background depending on what you want. Therefore, planning for painting should not be overlooked. Advance your bathroom makeover by giving it a fresh coat of paint using the following tips

  • Paint the tiles. If you don’t like the color of your tiles, consider repainting them. All you need is a good primer which is oiled based rather than water-based. Painting by yourself can be daunting. Consult a professional to help you paint or recommend the best materials to use depending on the state of your tiles.
  • Paint your walls and ceiling. Painting your bathroom walls and ceiling needs to be effective to give protection against moisture and humidity. Choose semi-gloss paint which is washable, durable and mildew-resistant. Additionally, you need to choose a high-quality paint for this job preferably a fast drying rather than an oil-based paint.

Bright colors are also important to use because of their inviting nature. They make a smaller bathroom feel larger.

All in all, performing all these tasks alone is a nightmare. Consulting a professional designer for assistance is a wise move. That is why we are here. We guide you through the process of your bathroom makeover and ensure that the project is not just done right, but also impressive.

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