• October 8, 2017
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The bathroom is an important room in your house. It adds lots of value to your home. The appearance or look of your bathroom should reflect whatever is done in, if it doesn’t, it is high time you remodel it. Bathroom remodeling is expensive and aggravating. Nonetheless, Bullrun Kitchen and Bath gives simple ideas to spruce up your bathroom without a very high budget or taking much time on the construction site.

Clutch the ugly

Does your bathroom look too old, perhaps you have some blue tiles matching tub and toilet? Replacing the tub and the toilet may be expensive.  Therefore how do you remodel without a full overhaul? The best way is to embrace the ugly. How do you embrace the Ugly? It’s simply going with the blue ceramic. Purchase another a new mat, Shower Curtains, and accessories all featuring blue color. It necessarily doesn’t have to be blue, whichever color in your room that you want to accept as an accent color.

Lighten up

In many houses, the bathroom is always confined and undersized expanding the rooms is not easy, but changing the color can offer a space for virtual expansion.  Bright colors are trendy and hot, but light colors illuminate your bathroom to feel roomier. If you are focusing on expansion treating your room with a fresh coat of paint will give it a new look.

Work with the Hardware

If your cupboards are in good form, you only need to replace the handles with stylish knobs and provide them with a new look. The same happens when it comes to color, you should also replace the facets, towel bars, soap dishes and any other old-fashioned hardware.  The shiny brass hardware should be swapped with new stylish updated pieces. Changing the hardware of your bathroom works great without costing too much.

Stock your Vanity

The entire look of your bathroom can be altered by changing the vanity cabinet or fixing a new pedestal sink.  You should have some styles for your bathroom remodeling exercise. The styles are found in the online store’s art an affordable price. There are many fun and unique mirrors which can spruce up the vanity and showcase your unique style. To complete your vanity look, you should incorporate new light fixtures for instance sconces, chic frosted or marbled glass. You should ensure the new fixtures are bright enough to do your makeup properly and not striking.  For the lights, you should get fixture which works well with the environmentally friendly bulbs.

Accessorize your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling is a great opportunity to get to an extreme level with your décor. Get amusing accessories which are within the color scheme of your bathroom. However, everything doesn’t have to match the color or pattern.   You should ensure all the accessories in the room are functional and remove the un-fictional ones to create more space.

Clean up

Bathroom remodeling can be done by a single person or the home owner; this is by fixing attractive walls or packing unit.  The new walls can hide the all the unsightly products you might have collected and don’t seem to give up.  All these include personal cleaning without involving a professional. An uncluttered space offers the illusion of a big and spacious room.


In conclusion, at this point, you know how to remodel your bathroom without adding or removing a single wall.  Get in touch and enjoy your creativity. The ideas are going to give you a room that you will always want to stay in and never to leave.

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