Color me Gray

Color me Gray

There are several neutral colors on the color palette that people use in their designing processes. Putting color combinations together can be a very rewarding element depending on where we are putting them. So far, white colors have been the neutrals in just about every color scheme developed. However, it may be time to think out of the box.

Gray as the new White

Remodeling any room in the house can be daunting if we let it. The kitchen is considered by most as the life of any home, therefore, it is important to bring the room together in a way that draws everyone in. The first thing we need to do is plan what we want to be done and how. We have to determine our color palette we are going to use for the room. Generally white would be the base color, but for arguments sake, gray will be the neutral color used. Gray is a good color to use as the base color for many rooms. Since the kitchen is the room that will be focused on it is important to know what combinations will work the best. A lighter gray outlined in darker grays is a good place to start. Once the base color is applied, pops of color can be thrown in to make the room come to life.

Plug me in

The appliances are the vain of the kitchen. Once all the color elements are plugged in, it is time to bring in the right color and size of the appliance. Being the neutral color that it is, gray will go with just about any appliance color that is available. You want everything to have an easy access and a relaxing atmosphere. Just make sure that your kitchen has a flow that all your guests can go with.

With so many different colors out there, it is hard to choose between them. When choosing a color scheme for your home make sure that the colors are cohesive throughout. Gray is considered the new white when it comes to neutral colors. It goes very well with many of the other neutrals in the color palette. Choosing the right color combination depends on your likes and your dislikes. There is really no wrong choice of color for your new kitchen. What you choose should fit in very well with your overall design.

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