Bathroom Vanity Styles


Bathroom Vanity Styles


Bathroom vanities are important part of all bathrooms. But, more than their function, you would also want your bathroom vanity to more than just work for you. You want it to suit your taste and complement your bathroom’s theme and look. Fortunately, that’s easy considering that there are a lot of styles you can choose from in the market.

The Evolution of Bathroom Vanity Styles

Knowing how the styles of bathroom vanities have evolved over the centuries is not helpful to your bathroom remodeling project. But, it will provide you enough with the knowledge on what style to install to give your bath space an attractive appeal.

This evolution in style now presents you with a huge selection to choose from. Starting from the simplest, traditional to the more elegant styles, your options have just been widened greatly. The availability of this wide-range of styles offers you with limitless options in terms of materials used, price ranges and sizes.

From the Traditional to the Most Romantic of Designs, There is One Style that Suits Your Preference

Simply described, a bathroom vanity is one made up of a countertop, mirror’s, sink/s, and storage spaces meant for bathroom necessities, like linens and accessories. This bathroom item is available in different styles, from the most traditional to the romantic designs. But, among these styles of bathroom cabinets, what’s the one that suits you most or your needs?

  • Conventional Cabinet

This is the more traditional style of bathroom cabinets that function as bath cabinets. The cabinets are typically built just like kitchen cabinets with a frameless or framed construction. They are also floor-mounted, usually solid and dependable in getting the job done.

  • Transitional Style

It is a style suited for bathroom decors that is neither old world nor ultra modern. It typically features a combination of classic and contemporary design elements. A good thing about this option is that it holds appeal regardless of the trends at the moment.

  • Furniture-Style Vanities

Looking for that something to make your bathroom look more special? This is the best option to consider. From the name itself, the bathroom vanities are designed in a manner that makes it appear like other furniture pieces, like a buffet or chest of drawers.

  • Vessel or Integral Sinks

Choosing this style gives you the option of using the more conventional sink types. They are the ones that drop down in the vanity top, or a vessel sink. Vessel sinks simply sit at the top of the vanity, just like how a bowl would. Just keep in mind that opting for this choice requires a different plumbing.

  • Antique Style

Are you fond of antique style furniture pieces? You may also find yourself falling in love with this style of bathroom vanities. This style option can either be in original or reproduction. The original antique bathroom vanities require modification in order to accept a new countertop, plumbing and sink. Some needs to be strengthened.

The reproduction option is already made as a bathroom vanity while its furniture look is retained. This style is a great option if you are after authentic and unique furniture pieces. Other options you have are single and double bathroom vanities, free-standing bathroom vanities and wall-mounted styles. Now, what do you think is the one that best suits your taste and your bathroom?

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