Bathroom Comfort Trends

The bathroom is an important part of our daily lives. We see it at least twice a day for our morning and evening routines so it’s just logical that it should provide you with optimum comfort. Whether you enjoy soaking in a long hot bath after a hectic day at work, or whether you still have to bath the kiddos at night, you can’t do it in an inaccessible bathing environment.

Upgrading your bathroom to the next best thing doesn’t have to be a stressful event. You have to only focus on little details in order for it to make a big difference. Even if you have a smaller space to work with, you should be able to reinvent it with ease. Here are a few bathroom comfort trends that you can use when upgrading your bathroom.

Flexible shower doors

Replacing something as simple as shower doors can already make a big difference to your bathing routines. Usual shower doors aren’t built for comfort, but rather for practicality. A simple solution to this is flexible shower doors with built in bars for you to rest on. If you shop around you’ll probably find shower doors with bars that can bend according to your needs. You can also consider installing a bench into your shower to accommodate older people living in your home, or even children who are still learning how to wash themselves.

Heat floors

Tiled bathroom floors can be a killer during the winter months and the worst thing in the world is stepping out of a hot shower onto these cold tiles. A great way to deal with this type of discomfort is to install electric heated floors. Heating cables are installed underneath your floors along with mesh mats that will work together as a heat insulator. You can choose to opt for controllable heated floor that comes with a thermostat so that you can control the heat during the hotter days or months.

Entertainment systems

Gone are the days when TVs are limited to the living room or TV room. Nowadays people install their television sets or radio into the bathrooms as this is where they spend most of their mornings. You don’t ever have to catch glimpses of the news or weather whilst in the bathroom. Simply turn on the TV and watch it while you shave, shower, or get ready for the day. The bathroom is one of the first places you visit in the mornings, so it should be a comfortable place to be in.

Towel warmers

Another way to beat that horrible winter feeling is to invest in towel warmers. Install a towel warmer rack to keep your towels nice and toasty so you can just step out the shower, wrapped in a blanket of absolute warmth. These warming racks will also be able to help with odour control and eliminate bathroom mildew.

Bathroom Shelves

Place bathroom shelves in such a way that you don’t have to break your neck to get to something when you need it. You can consider placing a shelf near the shower and toilet so that you don’t get caught with your pants down when you need something.

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