Top ten reasons to remodel your kitchen.

The kitchen is the centre point of a household’s activity and the decision to remodel is not something to be taken lightly. There’s the disruption it causes to family life as well as the time it takes, and let’s not forget about the costs. Regardless, a kitchen rework can be an exciting process, a time for homeowners to flex creative muscles and truly create something wonderful. In no particular order, we’ve listed the top ten reasons to remodel your kitchen.

  1. Modernity

Depending on the house, a modern, 21st Century kitchen can look fantastic. If the rest of the house is brimming with current style, why not follow up with the kitchen?

  1. Financial Incentives

You might just want to improve the kitchen for financial reasons. Switching to a more eco-friendly kitchen can provide the benefits of government energy saving rebates. Sales at home improvement centres, remodelling grants and low or no interest loans can all be seen as financial incentives for changing your kitchen.

  1. Gourmet Kitchen

If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, it might be time to switch some to something culinary orientated.  A gourmet kitchen can be decked out with all the amenities the family’s head chef needs to make it a paradise for good food.

  1. Value

Sometime in the future it might be time to sell up and move on and nothing can deter a potential buyer more than a drab kitchen. Try flicking through lifestyle magazines for ideas on how to make your kitchen more marketable. Sometimes though, the cost of remodelling can outweigh the recuperation when selling the house.

  1. Energy Saving

Some of the most unique kitchens make great use of energy saving techniques. From skylights to solar water heaters, an eco-friendly kitchen can look stunning.

  1. Deterioration

It could be that your beloved kitchen is simply on its last legs. Broken cabinets and ancient appliances hardly inspire confidence in guests. It might be time to bite the bullet and get remodelling.

  1. Lifestyle

You’ve just moved into your new home and you think, maybe the kitchen was perfect for the previous owners, but not me. You stare at the 70’s inspired lime green walls and say, no, not for me. This is time for a remodel.

  1. Function

This is down to individual preference of course, but kitchens can be important focal places for many different functions. You could have a computer station, a walk-in pantry or enough surface space to accommodate two cooks. The need for functions is often a great reason to remodel.

  1. Special Needs

It can be necessary to change the layout of a kitchen to accommodate disabled family members. If someone is wheelchair bound for example, making cupboards easily accessible can go a long way towards helping them.

  1. Dissatisfaction

All things considered, maybe you’re just bored and want the challenge of trying something new. Kitchen reworks are never easy, but for many people that’s the point and a remodel can be the perfect chance to give your house a clean slate.

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