Small Kitchen Remodel

Small Kitchen Remodel



The aroma of roasted turkey, the whiff of perfectly baked chocolate chip cookies and the crackle of rich spices, all these good things happen in one place — small kitchen remodelthe kitchen. We all love the kitchen irrespective of the size, shape and color it comes in. However, we could all do with a few tips to remodel our kitchens if they are smaller than they ought to be. Let’s face it, space is an issue, but like always, there are workarounds to remodel your kitchen like a pro.

1. Take it to the top

Nothing brings in more space like using the walls till the ceiling. Use the wall space to your advantage and build cabinets that range between 6 – 9 feet. You can play with the design to make it match with your interiors. Also, it doesn’t get better than custom made cabinets in your kitchen, does it?

2. Invest in an all-in-one

If it’s a mixer, juicer and a whipper, then that’s what you want to go for. Kitchen appliances do take a lot of space and when you’re running short of it, it’s best to invest in appliances and utensils that are multipurpose. Thanks to the latest technology, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the choices of kitchen appliances available these days. Simply take your pick.

3. There’s that space under the sink

If there’s a kitchen then there’s a kitchen sink. If there’s a sink, then there’s almost always an empty space underneath. The same space can be used to build chic and slender cabinets. It makes for a wise storage space and it won’t take any extra space either. Easy does it.

4. The table can be done away with

Yes, there’s chopping, cutting and kneading to be done, and you simply need the table. But the table always takes up additional space in the kitchen. Cutting boards, trays or plates can all be used in the space that’s available between the stove and the sink. You can get the job done without actually using a table.

5. Mirror on the wall

Mirrors work like magic to create more space. May be not in the actual sense, but they create the feeling of added space. Also, antique glass mirrors give a nice vintage feel to the whole area. And, who wouldn’t like to take a quick look in the mirror to find out who is the fairest of them all!

6. Buy kitchenware that’s just the right size

Kitchenware can really eat into kitchen space. Compact, smart and sleek kitchenware is the way to go. Also, keep just what you need. The rest can either stay in the store room or you can use the least accessible shelves in your kitchen cabinets. Soon, with all the unwanted stuff gone and the perfect set of kitchenware, you’ll have more space than you imagined.

There are a bunch of other things you can try on your own. Play with light and colors for starters. Also, smart furniture is in today. How about backless, sliding tables? Try it and you’ll be surprised at your remodeled, spacious kitchen.

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