Planning Guide: Kitchen Remodeling

Planning Guide: Kitchen Remodeling

There is a lot that goes into the planning of a kitchen remodel and it can quickly become overwhelming. You want to give your kitchen a new modern and timeless makeover but you need your kitchen to be fully functional and meet all the needs of your family as well. A kitchen remodel can quickly spiral into a list of hundreds of cabinets designs, appliances, tile backsplashes, panties and more. When you are planning a kitchen remodeling job there are a few things you should ask yourself first that will make the whole designing and remodeling process go a lot smoothly and keep the focus intact.

How Is Your Kitchen Used?

Make a list of all the ways your kitchen is used. It is not uncommon for kitchen to be a meeting center in the home where more than just the meal prepping takes place. Do you need a small space that you can use to write to do list, leave notes for family member or write out the bills? Do you and your family often hold impromptu family meeting in the kitchen where putting a kitchen island in place can greatly benefit everyone. When you know exactly how you want to use your kitchen area you can better plan for how you want to design your kitchen.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

One of the things you should do prior to picking out new cabinets, making room for a pantry or measuring out a kitchen island is to go through all the cabinets and drawers and clean out all the unnecessary stuff. It is not uncommon for a number of items to make their way into the kitchen that do not belong in the kitchen. Go through all your storage spaces and clean up what does not belong and even what you can get rid of to give you a better idea of just how much storage space you actually need and want in your new kitchen.

Energy And Money Savers-

When planning a kitchen you will want to consider all the ways you can implement money saving energy efficient appliances and fixtures. There are a number of various lighting designs that you can have installed that will cut your energy waste and give you the perfect amount of light you need to function in your kitchen. You will also want to look specifically into energy saving appliances if you are planning on upgrading them. By conscientiously putting in energy saving fixtures into your kitchen remodel design you will end up saving yourself hundreds of dollars in utility bills every month.

Have A Realistic Budget-

You should have a realistic budget in mind for your kitchen remodeling job and you will need to think logically about where you can splurge a little and where you should keep things a little more simple. You may often need to make hard decision between features you simply like the design of and features that are the smarter money saving choice. A typical kitchen remodel breakdown usually consist of:

  • Cabinet is 29 % of your budget
  • Appliance is about 14% of your budget
  • Countertops is about 10% of your budget
  • Installation is 17% of your budget
  • Set aside close to 20% of your budget as a just in case something goes wrong fund.

Planning a kitchen remodel job does not have to be overwhelming and can be done with a lot more ease with proper focus. Know what all you want to use your kitchen for, how much storage you want and consider a number of energy and money saving appliances and fixtures. You can easily have the kitchen of your dreams with a little less stress when you have a clear idea of what that kitchen actually consists of.


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