• April 18, 2018
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Have you ever thought why almost all the spas and health clubs have a steam bath or steam cabinets? Well, the reason is that the steam is so beneficial to health.  However, why would you opt to go to those places if you had a residential steam shower? Having a residential steam shower is excellent. Besides, if you have one in the house, you would not have to pay for the ludicrous membership fees at the spas collect. Bullrun Kitchen and Bath gives some mistakes to avoid when getting a residential steam shower.

Getting a contractor with no specialization

So many homeowners make a mistake of getting the contractor for their steam shower without checking whether they have the right specialty.  Just like physicians, different contractors have different specializations. Some are good at building offices while others are good at making garages. Some are so great at creating a bathroom while others can only style a sink.  Therefore, you must be careful when getting a contractor.  You should consider a contractor who has spent a lot of time creating steam showers and therefore has experience. You do not want a shoddy work in your bathroom.

Buy a kit

In case you cannot afford to hire a contractor, you should get a steam shower kit to help you install it carefully.  If you were in the process of remodeling the entire house, fixing the steam shower would actually be simple; you will only require some fabrication and electrical skills to ensure you do not get yourself fried. Neglecting a shower steam kit is one of the top mistakes to avoid when getting a residential steam shower. Some homeowners ignore it, but it is crucial.  It has instructions and directions to follow. Nonetheless, you need to be aware when the final product of anything is hardly useful as the advert.  So, you need to put extra effort when following the instructions to ensure the final product is excellent. However, if you have enough budget, it is recommended to hire a contractor rather than doing it yourself.

Enclose the steam shower completely 

It is so apparent that water laws that confine the liquid form of water do not restrict the steam. To ensure your residential steam shower remains effective you must ensure that the steam produced it adequately enclosed. Adequately enclosed steam retains heat and humidity. In the enclosure, you should have waterproof materials such as the ceramic.   You must be aware that the benefit of a steam shower does not only come from the steam exposure alone. It comes from the enclosure of the heat and steam. You must feel the heat building up and make you sweat.  It will allow your body to purge toxins and fat as well. In addition, you can consider remodeling your bathroom with a steam shower cubicle to improve the heated enclosure.

Go for aesthetics

Once you install a residential steam shower, it becomes one of the significant bathroom parts.  It will have an enormous impact in your bathroom.  When planning, you need to ensure that the steam shower design and the bathroom design do not clash. This is one of the most significant mistakes to avoid when getting a residential steam shower. Once the two-design clash, your bathroom may end up looking weird.  Therefore, you need to make the two designs blend.  If you decide to go for aesthetics, you need to ensure that people will appreciate your steam shower even if they will not be using it.


In conclusions, having a residential steam shower in your house is crucial. However, mistakes to avoid when getting a residential steam shower to ensure your shower functions well. You do not want to make mistakes that you will regret later.

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