Kitchen Islands the new kitchen addition

Kitchen Islands the new kitchen addition



Have you wished you could kitchen remodelingto obtain that dream kitchen you have always wanted, but money and extra space were the issue? Maybe you want an extra prep sink or a cooktop separate from an oven. Maybe you want bar stools where family and guests may engage while you prepare a meal. These are all great reasons to consider adding a kitchen island as a way to create a new look and extra space. However, before you rush out and purchase an island, there are some things you must consider such as space, need, and overall design.

Obviously, space is what you are looking for when adding to your kitchen. An island often extends workspace from current counter space to an entirely new island option. If overall space is limited in your kitchen, you need to remember that in order for an island to be versatile and enhance your kitchen, you must leave at least 40 inches between the island and all other permanent fixtures within your kitchen space. You may have to become a little creative in order to gain extra space with an island if your kitchen size is limited. There are mobile islands which may be an option when working with small spaces. Some islands have wheels that allow them to move around to fit your needs and then out of the way when you do not need the extra space. Portable island space is great when you have limited space and budget.

When considering an island as additional space, you must think about your overall needs. Are you attempting to create a new workspace? Do you need plumbing for an extra sink? Do you need electric to operate small appliances? Do you need an electric or gas cook top? Do you need under counter storage such as drawers or cabinets with pull-out shelves? A full assessment of what you want and need will give you a good idea of the type of island you need and help you to choose a price point.

Once you have assessed your space restrictions and your definite needs, you need to think about the overall design of your kitchen island. Yes, there are more options than the traditional rectangular island of your parents’ generation. There are islands which curve to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. Some islands have entirely different angles to meet the need of making transition from counter, stove or sink to island space a smooth operation. Additional considerations for overall kitchen include creation of quick dining options, such as a breakfast bar, or tiered counters to allow various interactions while cooking. When you consider the overall design of your island addition, you must remember that plumbing and electric requirements will add additional costs. Lastly, there is the choice of counter surface of the island. Maybe you will choose the sleek, modern look of granite, or the new acrylic countertops, or maybe you will choose the economical laminate countertop. Regardless, an island addition to your kitchen is a great way to beautify and expand your current kitchen space and overall function.


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