• August 22, 2014
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Homeowners' Top 5 Master Bath Ideas

Question: How will you decorate or remodel your master bath, and where will you start? Whether you would like to make sure that you enjoy the latest trends in your new house, or whether you are updating your master bath in order to increase your home’s value, you will not go wrong if you go with the top 5 master bath ideas of 2014

Glass Shower Stalls

Unless you just have not been paying attention, it would seem that every homeowner in America has thrown out their old shower curtains and shower poles. Instead, they want to take a shower encased in glass. Of course, this involves getting rid of their old bathtubs (More on that, later).

However, the average homeowner loves the way that glass instantly creates a sparkling, contemporary look in the room. Glass shower stalls are also perfect for capturing the water that shoots from multiple showerheads, another home improvement that is trending right now.

Water Efficient Toilets

Homeowners are tired of paying high water bills. Many also would like to use water in a more efficient manner. This leads them towards the installation of water efficient toilets. You are going to find lots of more tankless versions on the market. On the other hand, you will notice wall tanks that allow for more space, while directing the flow of water from the tank to the bowl more efficiently.

If you are a person who still wants to use a more traditions two-piece model, you will still find these. However, these are the high efficiency models that have been all the rage over the last few years.

Vanity Lighting

Homeowners are tired of straining their eyes while looking in the mirror. While they will still count on their basic overhead lights, they will also start to install task lighting on either side of their vanity mirrors. Beyond providing more task-focused lighting, vanity lighting allows the natural beauty and sheen of granite countertops to take center stage, especially when the slab is a dark color such as black, charcoal gray, or a jeweled tone such as green or blue.

Double Sinks

The days of couples waiting to use the master bathroom are long gone. In most cases, couples need to leave for work at the same time. They do not want to dance around each other, or jockey for sink space, either. This is why smart couples are installing double sinks. Double sinks allows couples to efficiently and quickly groom themselves, with plenty of space to use.

Large Shower Space

Homeowners want to enjoy their glass shower encasing so much, they are ripping out those small, old-fashioned tubs in order to accommodate the shower encasing. Not only this, the master bathroom is quickly replacing trips to the spa. Homeowners want to escape the world and their responsibilities in the sanctuary of their spacious showers.

Trendy Honorable Mentions

While the following did not make this top list, these are still hot master bathroom trends for you to keep in mind:

Sun Roofing

As mentioned earlier, most homeowners want to feel as if they are resting inside of their own master bathroom spa. Sun roofing allows you to enjoy lots of relaxing, smile-inducing natural light. And, natural light also makes granite countertops sparkle, especially the darker colors!

Deep Soaking Tubs

In the spirit of relaxation, you will find lots of deep soaking tubs on the market. As the name implies, the tubs are shorter in length and width than traditional, shallow bathtubs. However, they will cover you up to at least your chest while you are soaking; this is actually what you have dreamed off when you used to soak in your old-school shallow tub.

Privacy Wall For The Toilet

Privacy walls next to the toilet used to be a feature in higher-end homes, but more mid-range homeowners are requesting them. After all, nobody really wants to soak in a tub that is situated next to the toilet bowl! And, do you want to watch someone sitting on the loo while you are taking a shower in your transparent glass shower encasing?

Grip Bars In The Shower

Grip bars might seem like territory that belongs in a nursing facility, but as more of the Baby Boomer population ages into their elderly years, they are requesting the bars. Today’s shower bars and grips are as contemporary and as cutting edge as Baby Boomers are. After all, they are the original game-changing generation.

Radiant Heated Floors

When the heated floor trend started to hit the mainstream a few years ago, homeowners collectively rolled their eyes with sarcastic disdain. Now, many homeowners are requesting heated floors. They simply love the comfort that a heated floor provides, especially during the winter months. But, a heated floor is comfortable to step on after exiting a shower. And, heated floors help to heat the room, which saves on the household heating bill.

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