When you hire BullRun Kitchen and Bath to undertake a home remodeling project for you, we mostly take care of acquiring the building permits needed so that we may proceed with the project. However, it is still important for you as the client to know a few of the major code requirements for any remodeling project.

  1. Smoke alarms – Some of the general smoke alarm requirements include a smoke alarm in every floor, in every sleeping area, as well as one in the path of the means of egress from the sleeping area to its door. In new constructions, a smoke alarm must receive its primary power from the house’s electrical wiring and must come with a battery for backup.
  2. Egress- there are several requirements that revolve around egress to ensure the safety of individuals in case of an emergency. The requirements include an entry door width, which is currently a 32-inch opening. The requirements also touch on entry hardware whereby a locked door must be able to be opened from the inside without much effort. The requirements also specify the width of window opening in bedrooms.
  3. Outlets – Building and construction codes require that all outdoor outlets as well as those that are used in the garage, the kitchen, and the bathroom should be ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets. The requirement ensures that the outlets can act as circuit breakers that will shut off power during ground faults. In addition, the outlets placed over kitchen countertops should not be located more than 4 feet apart, and should always be within two of where the countertop ends. The same requirements are implemented for walls in bedrooms, hallways, and for outlets placed on bathroom vanities.
  4. Stairs and railings – The requirements for residential handrail and stairways were created to ensure safe passage of occupants during an emergency as well as in their everyday movements around the house. The code includes guidelines for tread depth, stair widths, variation between the steps as well as the riser height.
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