In the realm of home renovations, few projects are as transformative and impactful as a kitchen remodel. The heart of any home, the kitchen, is where families gather, memories are made, and meals are prepared with love. However, embarking on a kitchen remodeling journey requires meticulous planning, especially when it comes to budgeting. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the specifics of kitchen remodeling costs in Centerville, shedding light on various aspects such as the expenses of a 12*12 kitchen, the factors that contribute significantly to the overall cost, the most common renovation trends, and why Bull Run Kitchen and Bath stands out as a top choice for kitchen remodeling.

How Much Does a 12*12 Kitchen Remodel Cost in Centerville?

Lots of homes have kitchens that are around 12 feet by 12 feet in size. It’s a pretty standard layout. If you’re thinking about making changes to a kitchen this size, you might be curious about the cost.


Well, the price can change a lot based on what you pick and how you want your new kitchen to look. For a medium-sized kitchen like this in Centerville, the cost usually falls between $15,000 and $30,000. This amount includes everything – the materials you choose, the new appliances, and paying the workers who do the job.


In simpler words, it’s like when you’re planning a big makeover for your room. The cost depends on whether you go for fancy or more basic stuff, just like how your kitchen’s new look depends on the materials and designs you choose.

What Costs the Most in a Kitchen Remodel?

Several elements contribute significantly to the cost of a kitchen remodel:


High-quality cabinets often consume a substantial portion of the budget. Custom-built cabinets and premium finishes can escalate the costs.



Upgrading to high-end appliances like ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers can substantially impact the overall cost.


Luxurious materials such as granite, quartz, or marble are popular choices, but they come at a premium price.

How Much Does a Full Kitchen Renovation Cost in Centerville?

When you decide to give your kitchen a complete makeover, it means changing everything – the way it’s set up, the cabinets where you store things, the appliances like the stove and refrigerator, and the countertops where you prepare your meals.


Well, on average, a full kitchen renovation in Centerville can cost between $25,000 to $50,000. Imagine this as a budget range. You can think of it like shopping for clothes; sometimes you spend a little less, and sometimes you might splurge a bit more.


This budget range is there to give you room to choose what you want. Maybe you prefer a fancy countertop, or you want top-of-the-line appliances. The cost can vary based on these choices. 


The good thing about this price range is that it provides flexibility. It ensures that you have options when it comes to designing your dream kitchen. So, whether you want a stylish, budget-friendly renovation or a more luxurious upgrade, this range allows you to make choices that suit your taste and pocket. This way, you can be sure to get a high-quality remodel that fits your needs and preferences.

What are the Three Most Expensive Items in a Kitchen Remodel?


The big cupboards in your kitchen can be quite costly, especially if you want special designs and really good materials. Custom-made or partly customized cabinets, which means they are made to fit your kitchen perfectly, can cost a lot because they’re made just for you and can include fancy details.


This refers to all the machines in your kitchen, like the stove, fridge, and dishwasher. If you want really good quality ones from famous brands, they can be expensive. But these appliances are not just tools; they can make your kitchen work better and look nicer too.


The flat surfaces in your kitchen, where you prepare your food, are usually made of stone like granite or quartz. These materials are strong and look great, but they can be quite pricey. They’re like the jewelry of your kitchen – beautiful but with a high cost.


So, when you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, keep in mind that these three things – the special cupboards, the kitchen machines, and the fancy flat surfaces – are the parts that can take up most of your budget!

What are the Most Common Kitchen Renovation Trends?

The most common kitchen renovation trends include:

Open Concept Layouts

People really like the idea of having open spaces in their homes. For kitchens, this means getting rid of walls that separate the kitchen from the living or dining areas. So, when you’re in the kitchen, you can still chat with your family or guests in the other parts of the house. It makes the whole space feel bigger and friendlier.

Smart Appliances

Imagine having kitchen gadgets that are like superheroes. They can talk to your phone, and you can control them without even being near them! That’s what smart appliances do. For example, you can turn on your oven or check what’s in your fridge from your phone. Plus, these gadgets are really good at saving energy, which means they’re not only convenient but also good for the environment and your electricity bill!

Sustainable Choices

More and more people are thinking about the planet when they renovate their kitchens. They choose materials and lights that don’t harm the environment. For instance, instead of using things that take a long time to break down in nature, like plastic, they go for eco-friendly materials. Also, they use lights that don’t use a lot of electricity but still make the kitchen look beautiful. It’s a way of making the kitchen nice for you and nice for the Earth too!

Why Choose Bull Run Kitchen and Bath for Kitchen Remodeling?


With years of experience, Bull Run Kitchen and Bath boasts a team of skilled professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

Quality Craftsmanship

They are committed to using high-quality materials and employing precise craftsmanship, ensuring a kitchen that stands the test of time.

Customized Solutions

Understanding that every homeowner has unique needs, they offer personalized solutions tailored to individual preferences and budgets.

Customer Satisfaction

Bull Run Kitchen and Bath takes pride in their satisfied customers, with numerous positive testimonials showcasing their commitment to excellence.

Bull Run Kitchen and Bath Kitchen Remodeling Services 

At Bull Run Kitchen and Bath, we know your kitchen is your home’s heart. We provide services to simplify your Centerville kitchen remodeling cost. Here’s how we can assist, in plain language.

Cabinet Installation

We’re experts at installing custom cabinets in your kitchen. These cabinets are not only designed to fit perfectly but also maximize your storage space. Plus, they enhance the overall look of your kitchen, making it beautiful and practical at the same time.

Countertop Selection

We know that countertops play a big role in your kitchen’s appearance. That’s why we provide a variety of options like granite, quartz, and marble. You can choose the one that suits your style and budget best. We’ll help you find the perfect fit for your kitchen, making it both stylish and functional.

Appliance Upgrades

We understand the importance of having modern and energy-efficient appliances in your kitchen. Our team will guide you in selecting the right appliances that not only save energy but also match the overall design of your kitchen. We make sure your kitchen is equipped with the latest and most efficient tools.

Professional Installation

Our skilled craftsmen are dedicated to ensuring that every element of your kitchen is installed with precision. From cabinets to countertops and appliances, we guarantee a seamless and functional kitchen space. You can trust us to handle the installation professionally, leaving you with a kitchen that works perfectly for your needs.


With Bull Run Kitchen and Bath, you can transform your kitchen into a space that’s not only visually appealing but also practical for your everyday use. We make the remodeling process simple, ensuring that you get a kitchen you love without any hassle. Your dream kitchen is just a step away with our expert services!

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A neutral color scheme like white, cream, or light gray often gives a kitchen an expensive and timeless feel. These colors create a clean and elegant look, making your kitchen appear more upscale.

Poor quality materials, like laminate countertops and low-grade cabinets, can make a kitchen look cheap. Also, cluttered spaces and outdated fixtures can give a less sophisticated impression.

Budgets vary, but for a decent kitchen remodel, plan between $15,000 to $30,000 for a medium-sized kitchen. This includes materials, appliances, and labor costs. Remember, quality investments pay off in the long run.

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