Building A Better Bathroom Vanity

This might come as a surprise to you, but the vanity is perhaps the most over-looked and underrated part of the bathroom. The vanity is the most functional part of the bathroom that allows us to style our hair, do makeup, brush our teeth and so much more and yet, for some reason we tend to not give it the credit that it’s due. Having a functional and great looking vanity can be important to complete the look of any great bathroom.

Building a better bathroom vanity

One of the steps in to building a better bathroom vanity is adding double sinks. The great thing about these even though they can take up space, is that it can accommodate two people at once. This means while one may be trying to brush their teeth and get ready for work, the other might be busy getting the kids teeth brushes and trying to get them out the door for school. They’re extremely accommodating and can make a great solution for those who have hectic mornings. Likewise, a his and hers sink can be great for couples who are trying to get out the door at the same time.

Another thing to keep in mind when building a vanity is what exactly its purpose going to be? Do you have a lot of towels, a place to store makeup? These are all things that must be placed in to consideration, as the more storage space you require means the more drawers and cabinets you’re going to want to install in to the vanity. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, another decision is finding the right mirror to accentuate your new vanity. For a his and hers vanity make sure you have to matching mirrors or two that complement each other. Some choices to building a better bathroom vanity may also include repurposing items. We’ve seen everything from hutches and so forth altered a bit and reused in some pretty great ways. Our personal favorite was a repurposed media cabinet. It created the ultimate base for a trough sink with a lot of counter space to spare.

With a glass front sliding doors on it, a person could easily customize it with cute baskets which made for easy storage and getting whatever you needed fast on the run. There are so many other choices out there that are just like this one that allows you to take items that were previously made for one thing, and can be altered and used to make a beautiful new vanity for your bathroom. Some people have gone as far as cutting back on their budget in making a bathroom vanity, but simply purchasing different styles of tables and altering them to their own needs and specifications. There are so many ways you can turn that boring old vanity in to a better bathroom vanity which adds a new look, and some flair to what was old and boring, and typically costs a lot less.

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