Blind corners of a cabinet

Blind corners of a cabinet
Corner kitchen cabitet


Speaking of blind corners, you can refer them as spaces you can reach, but crawling inside when you want to find what you need. This can sound horrible, but the truth is, blind corners are hard to reach, and many people avoid placing anything in there. Now, there are solutions even for this kind of problem

Choose which items you want to put in the blind corner, for instance, you can put things that you do not use on an everyday basis. If you use your baking machine just a couple of times a year, there you go, it is a perfect candidate for the blind corner. The same goes for those plates, cups, and glasses you do not use.

Keep the content you store in the blind corner to the minimum. If you fill the blind corner cabinet, you can make a disaster. If you fill the cabinet with cups, and glasses, when you try to reach the ones in the back, you can make quite a mess. Therefore, do not fill the cabinet; take the things you keep there to the minimum.

If you want to equip your blind corner with an accessory, then it will be easier to store and reach things. You can use half-moon lazy Susan, and it will make a great change when it comes to accessibility of the blind corner.

If you are skilled with tools, then you can start your own work and make a cabinet inside the blind corner cabinet. This way, you will use every inch of space, and have access to the entire corner. You can make a sort of puzzle cabinet, and you will have access to every inch with no wasted space. Measure the space inside the cabinet, and, and then start building the bases. Then add the sides, and create a box, opened at the front. On the bottom, you will have to add wheels that will make the box move left and right. There, you have a cabinet inside a cabinet. However, the work is far from done, since you cannot place anything next to the box you have placed inside, because it can’t move then. The solution for this problem is also simple; you can make another box, and place hinges along the edge, so that you can open the box as you would open a door. This way, there will be no problem with the blind corner, and you will have a unique cabinet in your kitchen. You can even add wheels on this part, and make it a pull out cabinet and the door at the same time.

In the end, it is up to you how you will set up your cabinets, and make it functional. The blind corner is the black spot, but you do not have to make it accessible if you do not need it. If somebody stores all the unnecessary things in the blind cabinet corner, this doesn’t mean you have to do so. Ask yourself what you find the blind corner useful for, and there is the solution.

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