Bathroom Remodeling Trends

With the bathroom remodel trends changing faster and faster each year, it is getting increasingly hard to pin down the must have remodel trends of each year. Considering the 2015 year is coming to a close, here is a wrap up of the most trending bathroom remodel trends of the past year as well a look ahead into what will be the trends of 2016.


Predicted to continue to trend in the next few years but having gained much popularity in the past year is the evolution of the normal, mundane shower stall, to a “shower room”. Once where there is a spa shower involved. Spa showers are the newest and most popular trend when a bathroom remodel occurs since there can be so much personal and luxurious customization involved. The installation of body sprays, rain showers and hand showers are among the remodeling options to consider when doing a bathroom remodel. All of the them are guaranteed to even make the most stringent of bathtub users a shower fan.


Most often, with bathroom remodels that involve some sort of remodel to the shower, they often involve a redo of the tile that is in the bathroom to complete the look. But also a recent bathroom remodel trend is the building of his and hers double vanities. One of the most popular versions of this bathroom update is to install a large cabinet to separate the sinks providing for extra storage that will hide clutter and hidden outlets for hair dryers or other accessories.


A trend that is expected to continue its rise since 2015 is the use of radiant heating mats to warm up cold tile floors in areas like near the bathtub or shower. Radiant heating mats are low energy meaning low cost, but effective way of keeping your feet warm and have a stylish floor without having to sacrifice the look of tile. Heating the floor in this way also allows the homeowner to choose the spots of tile that are heated rather than having to install a traditional radiant heating system that would cost much more and be a longer remodel process.


Besides special heating mats, another remodeling fad is to install “jewelry” tiles as pops of color in bathroom tiling backsplashes. Recycled glass works and metallic mosaics are what are frequently used as these “jewelry tiles”. Bathroom remodels have come far from installing just neutral color schemes. With jewelry tiles, now having both the neutrals and a pop of color is possible.


With everyone turning a keen eye towards more energy efficient, conservative utility features it is no surprise that another popular bathroom remodel choice is the installation of a water-conserving commode. Having such a commode allows for both the conservation of water, saving money, will still giving you a powerful flush. These newest toilet models are available in a full range of prices from economy to luxury.


Whether it be a simple color change on the walls or the complete revamping of a bathroom interior, check the latest trends before you remodel so you to can have a hip and modernized new bathroom space.






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