7 Steps to choosing the perfect colors for your Kitchen

7 Steps to choosing the perfect colors for your Kitchen

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Rarely do people think about the colors needed to paint their Kitchens. Let’s just go with white, hey? Well, did you know that according to Houzz Survey almost 75% of people who participated commented that they preferred a soft or neutral kitchen, but what none of these people knew was that White and Bright spaces tend to stimulate eating, yes, a white Kitchen for example could contribute to weight problems within your household.

  1. Establish your Goal

First things first is that you must establish what it is that you want to achieve with your color? Yes, you might read this and think what a stupid question, I just want a nice color in my Kitchen, I want something new, something different.


And all this is possible, however in order to use color successfully there should be an aim. Why do we only look at the influence of color for example when decoration or children’s bedrooms, yet we completely forget about it when it comes to the Kitchen? In a Kitchen you might want to stimulate appetite, aid digestions or merely create a sociable and warm family atmosphere, choosing the correct color can help you achieve this.


  1. What is Color Therapy?

Color Therapy is nothing new, since ancient times, cultures all over the glove have understood the power of color. Color Therapy is frequently used in public spaces, though we might not consciously be aware of it. Ever thought why most Restaurants use Reds and Oranges? Naturally this stimulates hunger and that would increase their revenue.


Simply put color is a vibrational energy which is absorbed through your eyes and skin, so what you see instantly affects you on a physical, mental and an emotional level. Each color has positive as well as negative attributes


  1. Common mistakes we make when selecting color
  • Do not pick your paint color first: Get the room planned first, determine what will be going into your Kitchen as well as what it is that you want to achieve
  • Bright colors are awesome, but could be overbearing if you only use the one bright tone in your whole kitchen, consider breaking it down with either furnishings or alternatively a different color to be added
  • Consider your home as a whole, you can use paint to bring the other spaces together
  • Don’t ignore current trends in the industry, so don’t use a color just because it is what you like, use it because it will assist you to bring your home together and assist you in achieving your goals with the space


  1. What Behavioural Psychologists have to say about color

RED: Increases appetite, it promotes hunger and it can influence high blood pressure

Blue: Calming, can slow your eating speed, prevent you from over eating

ORANGE: Stimulating color, increasing oxygen supply to the brain and provides mental boost. It may stimulate appetite and increase the chance of over-eating

GRAY: Appetite suppressant, it can arrest binge eating and impulsive snacking


  1. Consider the influence of color in your home, color affects your food and drink cravings
  2. Identify your family goals, do you want to increase appetite, create a warm environment that stimulates appetite, etc
  3. Determine if this color is able to blend in with the rest of your home

Alfred Hitchcock said; “Some of our most exquisite murders have been domestic, performed with tenderness in simple, homey places like the kitchen table.” And I say, please let’s not kill each other with the wrong color in the Kitchen, be wise, this is a place where families come together. Enjoy it!

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