2016 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

2016 is the year of simplicity and technology in your kitchen. Simple designs, clean looks, and pure functionality currently dominate the market and make for very neat and symmetrical looking kitchens. Today we’ll talk about some of the kitchen designs, appliances, and technology that you’ll expect to find in a 2016 home.


Simple, clean, symmetric designs are what is considered modern kitchen design. The simplistic designs allow designers to create kitchens that look beautiful and clean without sacrificing any functionality or space. Vibrant colors are seldom used as they attract too much attention away from the design as a whole. Attention does not want to be grabbed away because it is not about the design of the cabinet, it is about the design of the row of cabinets and how they fit in with the symmetry of the kitchen. This is why colors that are oftenly used in 2016 kitchens are browns, whites, greys, and blacks. Of course, this is not to say that other colors are never used. Many designs use colors such as burgundy and some shades of blue.


From what you will see in the intricate designs within the cabinets, drawers, and shelves, you will notice that there is no fanciness about the designs. There is incredible symmetry on all sides, no fancy designs or imprints. This makes for a very sleek looking kitchen with sharp edges and corners.


The floors are usually made to match the rest of the kitchen design. Since common colors for 2016 kitchens are browns and the simple colors, hardwood designs are trending heavily. Long, dark pieces of hardwood are polished over and arranged parallel with cabinets and drawers.


The new appliances being added to kitchens serve better functionality than they did in the past as well as not taking up as much room. For example, refrigerators are now available for purchase as an in-wall model. Meaning that these refrigerators do not take up any more space than your wall does in your kitchen. This makes for a very modern looking design without getting too fancy. The refrigerators themselves come in many different styles with many different features. Some features you may find will be downloadable applications for music or list writing, hot or cold water dispensers, wi-fi and bluetooth technology to connect to your phone and/or speakers.


Ovens have seen vast improvements as well. It is commonplace to find wall ovens that are wi-fi enabled. The wall ovens are just as space efficient as the refrigerators and have similar features. The enabled wi-fi allows you to remotely control your oven. This is important as, I’m sure many of you have been through this before, you may have other tasks to accomplish while the oven is on and you had to delay some of those tasks due to something being in the oven. The wall oven adds much functionality to your kitchen while still keeping its simplistic look.



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