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We’re uninterested in terrible construction. Too many residential preferred contractors overcharge and underdeliver. That is why we assure your task will by no means exceed our anticipated rate until you exchange the scope of work. No extra disturbing approximately high-priced surprises or unexpected situations while operating with Bullrun.





Effortless, affordable and fast kitchen remodeling

We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful home with functional and spectacularly designed kitchens. So, we provide first-class professional kitchen remodeling service. We make your homes better and improve your life, well-being and family life-style with our kitchen design and remodeling services.

You deserve better than the cheapest kitchen remodeling contractor

We need to be in advance and permit you to realize that we aren't the most inexpensive contractor in Colorado Springs and with true reason. A lot of humans grow to be deciding on the most inexpensive bid. We recognize why, however what maximum oldsters don’t realize is that extra frequently than not, they up paying plenty extra through the years in alternate orders, fixes from shoddy craftsmanship, and pressure that includes a reduction contractor who doesn’t listen, speak or care approximately them or their kitchen reworking mission in Colorado Springs.

Quality materials

An independent discount kitchen remodeling contractor will have no problem installing cheap materials from Home Depot because they’re a lot cheaper… in every way. Nothing against Home Depot, we love Home Depot. But when you buy your trim from the same place you buy mulch, you aren’t getting quality. They simply don’t carry the level of quality and quantity that our suppliers do. You’ll save some money upfront with cheap material, but when your flooring starts to scratch and fade and your cabinets start to warp and crack a year after the project, you won’t be saving money anymore. In construction, it’s so much easier to do things the right way with the right materials the first time.

Expert craftsmanship

We take great pride in our kitchen remodeling services work. When the craftsmen working in your home are wearing a royal blue bullrun shirt, you will have a more seamless kitchen remodeling experience in Colorado Springs. We don’t do shortcuts here, because if we did, we would have trouble sleeping, seriously. During your project, it may seem like we take shortcuts. For example, it may take our guys only a day to set cabinets, but it took years to set cabinets in a day. We don’t do things the easy way. It’s a little more expensive to do things right, but for us, that’s the only way. Doing things this way pays off through happy customers that use us for every project they have from year after year and even house to house. If you haven’t already, Google “Bullrun” and read our reviews. Simply stated, our crew is a cut above other kitchen remodeling contractors in Colorado Springs (contractor pun intended).


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What We Offer

All In-House Installers

We don’t use any subcontractors and we don’t outsource our work. Your project is our job, our attention, our responsibility.

Two Year Warranty

For your peace of mind, we provide a two-year workmanship warranty on all our kitchen remodeling projects. Should anything happen within two years, we’ll be there to make things right.

Dedicated Project Managers

We know how stressful the process of renovation and remodeling is. To ensure that every detail of your project flows smoothly, we assign dedicated project managers to fully handle your project.

Full Service Renovation Company

A full service, stress-free approach. We know your time is valuable, we’re here to handle everything from start to finish. No need to hire multiple companies, we have the tools and team to conceptualize, build, and design every detail of your renovation.

Kitchen Remodeling

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Award winning service

We’re serious about high-quality service. See all of the times we’ve been voted “Best of the Springs” by our Colorado Springs neighbors.


Quality experience


Transform your kitchen into the space of your dreams! Our free consultation will help you discover how much it would cost to achieve what’s been in your head – without any surprises. Some of the common elements affecting your kitchen renovation cost include area, materials, labor, style, and kitchen layout. Lastly, you can call our office to ask for a free estimate.

Here are the eight best ways for you to update your kitchen on a minimal budget:

  • Reface cabinet doors and update their hardware
  • Go for cheaper countertop materials like laminates, formica, porcelain, and granite remnants
  • Consider roll-out shelves
  • Update your light fixtures
  • Paint your walls and ceilings with a new color
  • Install new curtains
  • Update your faucet
  • Install tile backsplash
  • Buy new appliances on sale

Around 80% of the prospective buyers in the market are more enticed to buy properties at a higher price when the kitchen is newly finished. In terms of ROI, the average for a mid-range kitchen renovation is at 40% to 55%. If you go for minimal kitchen updates, it will cost less than $25,000, and your estimated recoup is 70% to 80%. We can strategically plan which kitchen elements need an upgrade to enhance the beauty, function, and value of your house.

Asking for a recommendation from your family, friends, and neighbors can be your first step. Afterward, you can search online and choose the top three contractors in your city and then check on their references and experience. Also, you need to check on their company profile, permits, and certifications. Meanwhile, you can save time and effort when you turn to us today. We are one of the leading local design centers for kitchen and bath renovations. Contact us today to get a free quote.

Planning is very important if you want to make your kitchen remodel as smooth as possible. Accordingly, here are the things you can complete during your planning phase.

  • Decide on your purpose for redoing your kitchen. Will it be for listing or loving?
  • Plan for your estimated budget
  • Select which elements and areas inside your kitchen you wish to prioritize for your kitchen remodel
  • Get free estimates from contractors – be sure to ask if the estimate is binding or non-binding
  • Try creating your future kitchen layout
  • Always go for quality since it’s for long-term investment

After work is complete, we’ll do one last site walk with you and make sure our kitchen remodeling services are perfect. If we need to touch anything up we’ll make sure that gets done as quickly as possible. We also send a professional cleaning service in at the end of the project. Her name is Tess and we love her.

Share your new kitchen with your family and friends! Our kitchen renovation contractors hope your new space allows you to make new connections, build relationships, make memories, and enjoy life a little bit more.

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